We are efke fans.

eFKe-go-21 project is a virtual exhibition of photographs created on eFKe films that were produced for more than sixty years in the factory Fotokemika in Samobor. After closing the facility in Samobor in 2012, a crucial year for the collapse of world analog photo industry, Fotokemika heritage is slowly going into oblivion.


For more than half a century Fotokemika products had been a part of everyday life of professional photographers, as well as amateur photographers. However, in the early 21st century as a result of the switch from analogue to digital media, technology and heritage of analogue photography started to slowly disappear from the global scene.


Through the digitalization of eFKe films, project eFKe-go-21 seeks to connect old and new, analog and digital. The project aims to create a base that contains photographs of the eFKe films through which the analog photographic heritage created due to Fotokemika factory can be seen.


We hereby invite the authors who are willing to participate in the project and help in further research to raise the awareness of heritage of Fotokemika, to submit photographs taken on eFKe films to the following email address: efkego21@gmail.com, titled or untitled photographs, with the year of origin if known and eFKe film on which it was made.

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